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If you process your cancellation request online, there is no Webjet processing fee, however there may be cancellation costs incurred from the hotel. 

Where do I find my hotel booking details? 

  •    Webjet booking reference: This is the reference number that appears on your hotel booking voucher. 
  •    Email Address: The email address that you used to make the hotel booking.

 Booking advice during this impacted travel period

We understand that your travel plans have been disrupted due to this unprecedented event and subsequent travel bans and government restrictions. Due to the large volume of change requests, unfortunately our provider has indicated that they cannot process amendments or date changes at this time. If you wish to amend your existing hotel booking, we recommend that you submit a cancellation and re-book with new dates.


  •    If your booking was made prior to 20 March 2020 and has a check-in date in April 2020:

We have now cancelled all hotel bookings which had not already been cancelled via this page, and have sent you an email in relation to this update. The reason for this decision is to avoid no-shows at the hotel, and to enable us to work with our provider in an attempt to obtain a full refund for bookings have a non-refundable cancellation policy. We will update you on the outcome as soon as possible and there is no need to contact us in the meantime.

  •    If your hotel booking has a check-in on or after 1 May, 2020:

If you wish to cancel your hotel booking you can do so via this page. During the process the hotel’s cancellation policy will be displayed accordingly.

For non-refundable bookings, if you do not intend to travel, we do recommend you cancel your booking at least 24 hours prior to check-in. This will avoid your booking being treated as a no-show, which may reduce your ability to claim a waiver.

How to claim a refund waiver:

Unfortunately, Webjet does not have the authority to override non-refundable hotel policies. However, from past experience, some guests have been successful in obtaining a waiver by contacting the hotel directly. Webjet cannot guarantee this outcome as it is at the discretion of the hotel itself. If a waiver is provided, please obtain notification in writing and forward this through to [email protected]. If the hotel will only provide the waiver via telephone, we require the name and position of the hotel staff member you spoke with. We will then follow the appropriate channels on your behalf.

Make sure to include your Webjet reference number and check-in date to make it easier for us to process your request.

Unfortunately, without this information Webjet cannot pursue this request any further on your behalf. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.