Find Accommodation In Vanuatu

Brimming with friendly locals, ocean breezes and some of the South Pacific's best gourmet food, Vanuatu is a paradise for all your senses and the perfect tropical retreat.

An archipelago nation consisting of 83 islands in the southwest Pacific Ocean, Vanuatu is just north of New Zealand and east of Australia. The nation's international airport, Port-Vila, is serviced by flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland.

Getting around Vanuatu is easy too. Taxis are plentiful within Port-Vila and there are regular buses (which appear like mini-vans) that can be boarded on the streets or prearranged to pick you up. These buses are very cheap and easy to use, regularly stopping at many stops around the capital, so take advantage of them.

Most tourists in Vanuatu flock to the nation's two main hubs - Port Villa and Luganville.

Port-Vila is Vanuatu's only duty-free port and a shopper's paradise, with a blend of traditional wares and international acclaimed brands. Whether it's jewellery, fragrances, apparel or boutique gifts, you'll find a range of products on display at affordable prices.

Luganville is the second largest city hub in Vanuatu with a wide and diverse main street along miles of waterfront. The city also boasts a culture park and local markets, making it well worth a trip.

To immerse in the nation's rich culture, locally operated cultural and community tours offer a glimpse into the ancient way of life that is still being lived today in Vanuatu. You'll observe customary dances, traditional practices and be taken back in time.

Vanuatu also hosts a variety of eco tours where you'll explore the region's stunning flora and fauna and learn about the archipelago's unique natural environment. There are many hiking tours and swimming holes where you can swim or kayak. Vanuatu is certainly not short on incredible rain forests, beautiful waterfalls and striking views.

Book Vanuatu accommodation and unlock the secrets of the South Pacific island paradise for yourself.