Dubai Hotels & Accommodation

Dubai is more than just a transit stopover destination; it is a vibrant coastal city located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and ideal for a unique holiday while en-route to Europe and beyond. With a kaleidoscope of attractions, world-class shopping malls, a year-round sunny climate, and safe beaches laden with water sports, Dubai has something for everyone: – fun, sun and sand. The city's thrilling water parks are also a hit with the whole family and include daring waterslides, as the chance to swim with dolphins at Atlantis' Dolphin Bay, shark-dive in the Mall aquarium, or simply enjoy the kid-friendly beach clubs. To understand the city and the region, you can explore Dubai's modern and historic culture, from Bedouin life in the desert with its traditional arts and crafts, to the city's cutting-edge art, film, theatre, and music scene, to the bustling traditional gold, spice and textile souks. The historic Al Fahidi district's labyrinth of lanes is lined with 18th century merchants' houses, art galleries, and cafés, as well as the traditional and beautiful wind towers. Or head to the desert for a sunset safari experience, which includes learning the traditional sport of falconry or the thrilling activity of sand-boarding down dunes. With over 200 nationalities calling Dubai home, it's no wonder that it is a haven of foodie fusion and with over 5,000 restaurants, cafés, and eateries, no culinary craving goes unfulfilled here. Whether you're hungry for a Michelin-starred creation from a gourmet landmark, or a home-cooked curry from a street café, Dubai has affordable dining options from ‘cheap eat' options through to world-class dining. The city is host to a range of sporting, music and cultural events throughout the year and with over 300 days of sunshine, there is always a good time to visit. A global travel hub and a safe way to experience something completely different, both Emirates and Qantas through the partnership fly to Dubai direct from all major Australian cities.

With affordable hotel accommodation across all categories from bed and breakfasts to opulent 5-star resorts, the city caters to all budgets. But whatever you want from a stopover holiday, Dubai has it all. Most airlines fly to Dubai direct from all major Australian cities including Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Alternatively, it's just a short connection from the equally-accessible Abu Dhabi.