Rottnest Island Hotel & Accommodation

Rottnest Island is one of Western Australia's premier island destinations with countless natural attractions, family activities, and breathtaking coastal tours which reveal the region's rich history. Not far from Fremantle and Perth, it's emerged as a bustling holiday hub for Australian holiday-goers.

Rottnest Island accommodation can range from modest beach quarters to spacious lakeside suites. Regardless of your budget and preferences, you won't be far from the region's many beaches, sheltered bays, enchanting views and any locally operated tours or recreational hire facilities.

Take one of the island's many fascinating guided tours and experience 6500 years of history. Rottnest Island's landscape traces back a rich history encompassing Aboriginal, colonial, maritime, military and social heritage. Visitors can visit the scenic Wadjemup Walk Trail where you can freely explore the remains of Coastal Defence systems installed during WWII.

Known for its abundance of a small marsupial called the quokka, an almost pint-sized kangaroo, Rottnest island has rich and diverse wildlife which are often friendly to visitors and easily to spot during self-guided tours around the island. There are numerous native species of plants, of many unique shapes and colours, which enjoy the island's beautiful climate.

For active sports fans, Rottnest Island's 63 beaches offer an array of coastal activities. From boating or surfing across calm waters, to swimming, diving and snorkelling through the region's crystal clear ocean, Rottnest Island is a haven for underwater adventure.

In your downtime, Rottnest Island boasts some of Western Australia's most acclaimed restaurants, cafes and bars all set within stunning surroundings. Whether it's a cold beer at one of Rottnest Island's stylish bars or a bite to eat at one of the region's more modest eateries, good food and wine are not hard to come by.

If you're looking for a place to unwind, there's premier golf facilities at the country club, or for something more family-oriented there's local mini putt-putt. The region's Just 4 Fun aqua park is another family attraction where kids will enjoy hours of fun on an inflatable water playground.

Whether you're taking a bike, bus, one of Rottnest's scenic flights or touring the island by foot, book yourself Rottnest Island accommodation and explore its miles of untouched land and pristine seas along Australia's west coast.