Anglesea Hotel & Accommodation

Situated along the scenic Great Ocean Road on the Anglesea River between Torquay and Aireys Inlet, there's no better place to surf, swim or simply relax in the sun than this charming beach town located on one of Australia's most famous stretches of beaches.

36km from Geelong and an hour and a half drive from Melbourne along the princes Highway. Anglesea is one of the Great Ocean Road's most popular locales and it's easy to see why.

Accommodation in Anglesea is typical of Victoria's Great Ocean Road - with charming beach resorts, cosy hotels and family parks, a stay here can be as luxurious or modest as you'd like. Regardless of where you stay, you'll be only a stones throw from the region's famed coastal views and stunning beaches.

Patrolled by surf lifeguards, Anglesea's swimming beaches are magical with a backdrop of forest and coastal scenery. Anglesea is one of Victoria's most popular beach retreats and its easy to see why. There are few places on earth which boast as many coastal vantage points.

Anglesea is around 10 kilometres north west of Port Addis Marine National Park which is set amongst spectacular scenery with wide sandy beaches, crumbling limestone and soaring cliffs which the Great Ocean Road is renowned for.

Views from Point Roadknight are spectacular, a lookout above the Great Ocean Road which rests southwest of the town centre. The narrow ridge which rests near Urquhart Bluff Beach boasts some of Victoria's most stunning views.

Anglesea rests on the doorstep of the incredibly pristine coastlines of The Great Ocean Road, making it a great base for further travel along the region renowned for its spectacular beaches and great holiday spots.

Attractive parks and gardens line the Anglesea River, making it the perfect place to stroll and take in some of the region's most picturesque views.

Book yourself some Anglesea accommodation and stay in the charming Victorian beach town, whether you're planning a lengthy coastal escape or making a stopover along the Great Ocean Road.