Adelaide - CBD Hotel & Accommodation

Some Croweaters call it their "20 Minute City", because everything's so close together. Australia's wine capital is also chockers with culture and history; much is at North Terrace at the Art Gallery of South Australia and SA Museum. Getting about is easy with the Adelaide Metro system. Adelaide Airport is next the West Beach and is only 6 km west of the CBD; get there on a Jetbus from the city or Glenelg or by Skylink Airport Shuttle.

The centre of Adelaide is easy to find: in the middle of four Terraces: North, East, South and West. Rundle St is where you go if you're about and you want to shop. It's also the place to go to see a couple of spheres weirdly stacked together; stuffed if I know what the bloke who made Mall's Balls was thinking. The Adelaide-Glenelg tram will take you from the CBD all the way to the coast at Glenelg. We're in the business of getting you a room. Find one below.