Jurien Bay Hotel & Accommodation

Jurien Bay is on Western Australia's Coral Coast and has become one of Australia's fastest growing holiday hotspots.

Offering fantastic fishing, spectacular beaches and a great range of comfortable accommodation options, Jurien Bay is just two and a half hours drive north of Perth along the Indian Ocean Drive.

Jurien Bay accommodation is primarily scattered across the coastal bay and the main streets of the tourist town. Offering cszy bed and breakfasts and beachside villa accommodation, you'll surely find a room to suit your preferences and match your budget.

Jurien Bay is one of the top fishing spots in Western Australia, and hosts a large number of crayfishing boats. Whether you're enjoying the past time or dining on fresh seafood, Jurien Bay is undoubtedly one of Australia's premier fishing destinations.

With miles of safe swimming within the tranquil area situated within an inland harbour, Jurien Bay also boasts some of the region's most pristine waters and clean white sands. A perfect spot for windsurfing, Jurien Bay's beaches are somewhere you can pass many hours.

Skydiving is also popular in Jurien Bay, as views of the west coastline are truly enchanting.

Drive south to Cervantes, only 20 minutes away, where you can see the magical Pinnacles and Nambung National Park. The Pinnacles of the Nambung National Park are one of the Coral Coast's major natural attractions, and the natural habitat for an extensive array of native animals and bird life.

The natural limestone structures, many standing as high as five metres, were formed around 25,000 to 30,000 years ago. Over time coastal winds removed the surrounding sand, leaving the pillars exposed to the elements exposed to the elements. The Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre is situated with in the park and houses many displays which focus on the region's unique flora and fauna.

Book yourself Jurien Bay accommodation in one of the region's most spectacular locales and experience the west coast of Western Australia which boasts some of the best fishing opportunities around.