Moreton Island Hotel & Accommodation

One of nature's undisturbed wonders, in south-east Queensland, Moreton Island is a sand island situated in the stunning Moreton Bay Marine Park 35 km from Brisbane. Accommodation in Moreton Island ranges from comfortable resorts to serviced apartments, all set amongst a backdrop of diverse wildlife and dense natural scenery. There's no public transport on the island but a permit to bring your 4WD over will only cost you a flat-rate of $38.

Moreton Island is fascinating due to its rich history and unique formation. The island was formed as a result of sand movements cause by winds and waves and sea level change over thousands of years. Moreton Island now stands almost exactly as it did thousands of years ago.

The ocean beach on Moreton Island stretches over 40 km long and boasts untouched golden beaches, towering coastal sand dunes and beautiful crystal waters. The clear waters that surround the island allow visitors to experience an immense variety of sealife and coral reefs, brimming with colour.

Cape Moreton lighthouse in the north is a great spot for whale watching. You might also spot dolphins, manta rays, turtles and a huge range of tropical fish swimming in the crystal clear waters.

Honeymoon Bay is one of the region's most popular sheltered spots, as well as the Western Beach which boasts some of the region's most pristine and secluded swimming spots. There's very few spots in Australia which boast such a stunning and wide expanse of sheltered blue waters. The aquatic playground and marine sanctuary surrounding the island is home to an incredibly diverse range of wildlife.

With unspoilt beaches, Moreton Island is a naturally an ideal spot for island fishing. The waters around the island provide some of the best fishing opportunity spots in the world. Home to massive sand dunes perfect for sandboarding and tobogganing. Enjoy the exhilarating thrill of flying down a sand dune on a waxed sand board with nothing but blue skies around you.

Dive and snorkel the Curtin Artificial Reef and the Tangalooma Wrecks. The crystal clear waters at Moreton Island offers fine conditions and scuba divers and snorkelers. Most diving is done on the north side where you can find Flinders Reef, the only true coral reef near Brisbane.

Book yourself Moreton Island accommodation and unwind by the spectacular shores of the sand island off Queensland's coast.