Mudgee Hotel & Accommodation

Mudgee is fast becoming one of the most popular hubs of wine tourism of New South Wales, drawing thousands of visitors to its vineyards each year to taste the region's most celebrated wines all while experiencing the charming town atmosphere.

Only a 3.5 drive from Sydney or 4 hours from Newcastle, past Muswellbrook, Mudgee is nestled within the countryside on an outer rim of hills. The region enjoys a mild and sunny climate, making it one of the most enjoyable wine regions in NSW to visit all year round.

Mudgee accommodation caters to a range of different groups and budgets, whether you're on a fishing trip with mates, a family retreat or a girly weekend away. Both sophisticated upmarket villas and affordable motels and hotels are available in the town with accommodation options catering to many different preferences and tastes.

Most visitors flock to Mudgee for one reason and one reason only: wine. Renowned as one of the many great wine spots in New South Wales, numerous locally operated tours take visitors around the local vineyards and to wine tastings in the wineries and cellar doors of Mudgee. If beer is more your thing, the Mudgee Brewing Company also offers beer tasting and is a great alternative to the popular wine tours.

Although many visitors prefer to pass afternoons on the grounds of the local wineries, Mudgee is also home to many national parks and nature reserves including the Wollemi National Park, the largest wilderness area in NSW. There is also the nearby Dunns Swamp and Mudhorn Gap Nature Reserve, with a rich variety of wildlife and scenic natural backdrops to enjoy.

The town centre of Mudgee also contains several boutique stores and fine food markets, perfect for shopping for souvenirs, searching for fresh produce or browsing handmade products with a regional flair.

With rolling hills, beautiful vineyards, a charming town centre and peaceful countryside pace, Mudgee is an ideal place to recharge in a sunny, warm climate. Indulge your senses in one of New South Wales' finest wine regions and book yourself Mudgee accommodation.