Lord Howe Island Hotel & Accommodation

Renowned for its incredible biodiversity and natural beauty, Lord Howe Island is a World Heritage Site situated in the Tasman sea widely regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the Pacific.

500 km east of Port Macquarie and 770 km northeast of Sydney, the island is served by daily flights from Sydney, and weekly or seasonal flights from Lake Macquarie and Brisbane.

Lord Howe Island accommodation is predominantly lodges, guesthouses and self-contained apartments, usually ranging from moderate to high-end. However there are affordable options available making it a great holiday destination for couples and families.

The island's activities are primarily geared towards outdoor recreation - whether it's bushwalking, water sports, fishing, animal watching or recreational sports. Though the calm waters of Lord Howe Island are also ideal for snorkelling. Popular nearby Neds Beach is a great spot for kids to snorkel with colourful coral viewable from the waters surface.

To see even more of the island's stunning marine life and extensive coral reefs, scuba diving in Lord Howe is world-class. You'll view a diverse mix of tropical, sub-tropical and temperate species of coral and fish completely unique to the island and will enjoy a choice of over 60 spectacular dive sites.

Lord Howe Island is lined with many walking trails, encompassing the stunning permanent park preserve which covers the island. From easy strolls at sea level to more moderate cliff-top hikes leading to incredible vantage points, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to stunning bush walks.

The island is also a premier bird watching destination with 14 species of seabirds which flock in hundreds of thousands. You'll be enchanted by the view from Malabar cliffs where you'll be able to watch their many graceful aerial displays for yourself.

If you're simply wanting to relax in idyllic surrounds, picnics, barbecue, and cycling are popular around the island.

Although there's no great range of retail shopping, the island has a variety of small stores fitted with the usual amenities including groceries, liquor, souvenirs and a pharmacy.

For an escape to one of the most beautiful spots in the pacific, boasting spectacular bush walks, crystal waters and incredible biodiversity, book yourself Lord Howe Island accommodation.